Preference Pane Security Dialog

Hi. I’m trying to write a script that involves unlocking a preference pane and I need to insert a admin name, password, and click the unlock button. Does anyone know what process produces this dialog window? Is it the security Agent? Thanks.

Browser: Safari 534.48.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Well, to half-answer your question, you could use GUI scripting to set the values of each text field then press the button.

I’m OK with GUI scripting but I want to put a conditional statement that waits for that dialog box to appear, so I need to be able to identify the dialog window by name or at least a button or field within the dialog.

Yes, the window belongs to Security Agent (named process “SecurityAgent”)

Stefan: do you know how to identify the window?


window 1 of process "SecurityAgent" of application "System Events"

That’s it. Thanks Stefan.