Prepare Table Drop

HI All

I wonder if anybody can help me with a problem with the accept table drop handler in Applescript Studio.

I am trying to setup a drag/drop between two tables on a window.

I have registered the tables for drag/drop, registering ‘String’ for testing on both tables and have bound the events in IB when I start the drag the prepare table drag is called but not the Prepare Table Drop event?

Can anybody tell me what I have missed?



You need a
return true
in the on prepare table drop handler.

Look at “Simple Table” in the Apple Script Studio examples

Hi Thanks for your response!

I found the problem after spending sometime trying different things.

I was doing the:

Tell theObject to register drag types {"rows"}

In the on awake from nib handler for the table view.
Which should work just fine, but didn’t!

When I changed the line to

Tell tracksView to register drag types {"rows"}

instead it all fell into place and my drag handlers were being called correctly!!

Which begs the question “Why didn’t the first style of command work?” as suggested by the Applescript Studio documentation.

Still what works, works and thats all that count!