Pressing toolbar button with GUI Scripting

I’ve been trying out the new GUI Scripting at and I am stuck at trying to press a toolbar button.

What I want is for OmniWeb to view the current web page into the source editor and reformat it. I can get it to view the web page in the source editor but can’t get the toolbar button “Reformat” pressed. (I’m a little confused as to how the UI Element Inspector works…probably because I’m new to AppleScripting.)

This is what I have so far. Any suggestions would be great.

“tool bar button” does not exists… You should try anything such as:

click button x of tool bar 1 of window y

Being “x” the name of the button, if provided, or its index (6?) and “y” the identifier of the window (name or index) :wink:

If only I would’ve posted my question sooner than I did…

That’s it. THANKS.