Prevent editing of NSLevelIndicatorCell in Table View

The problem: How to prevent editing of level indicator cells in a table view. I have some level indicator cells in a table view which I only want for display purposes, their values are set by the script, however when I click on them their value changes.

A solution: Using Interface Builder attach an awake from nib event handler to the NSLevelIndicatorCell and give the NSLevelIndicatorCell a name, in this example “NSLevelIndicatorCell”. Use the following in your script.

on awake from nib theObject
if name of theObject is equal to "NSLevelIndicatorCell" then
set enabled of theObject to false
end if
end awake from nib

I had previously tried to make the column not editable in IB, this does not prevent modifying the value of NSLevelIndicatorCell’s.

Thanks to Adam R. Maxwell.