Preview changes in file names / content in ASS


I’ve been looking for a function or something that would enable me to preview changes made to file names / file content. I would like to do that by clicking on a button that displays a panel or something like that.

My app uses some of the Finder Scripts to rename files / folders. To make it better and more reassuring, I find that having some kind of preview of what the files are going to look like AFTER is somewhat useful, but I have no clue how to do that… is it even possible in ASS ?


Yes that’s possible, but it’s not a built-in function. There’s not a “rename files” script or process that does what you like. I know that there are about 10 different apps/scripts that do this already, if you really just need a prebuilt solution. Name Those Files, Name Mangler, Better Finder Renamer are ones that come to mind, and I’m sure a couple have a naming preview.
But if you want to build it yourself, you’ll have to build a function that gets the file name, runs your renaming subroutine on it, and returns just the new string. You can make a table or panel for this. To rename the files you’d have to run a different function and use the subroutine again to name the file but then apply the name to the actual file. That’s the general gist of it.


Hey Chris,

Thanks for the answer.
I actually just found out about Name Mangler today (found it on macupdate), so that kind of defeats the point of me spending time on my application. What I was trying to do was put a free app out there because all the apps I found before were commercial / trial versions etc…
Name mangler is real good, I have to say, and it is FREE. It is complete and easy to use.

So no point in me keeping on developping my application (you can find it here if you want to take a look).
The only thing that my app DOES HAVE and that name mangler DOES NOT HAVE is the file content option (you can replace text inside of files automatically). But still, compared to name mangler, I feel useless with my app !