previous versions of applescript

Apple just released version 1.4.3 of Applescript, good only for OS 9 and above. I’m running OS 8.6, and I see I have Applescript v.1.3.7.
Are there higher/newer/better versions of applescript that run on OS 8.6? If so, any idea where to find 'em? (apple seems to have nuked all but this latest version from their update directory)
many thanks

Mmm… I think I installed both AS 1.5 & 1.6 over OS 8.6, but these versions can’t offer anything to AS 1.3.7 nor 1.4.3, except for bugs… (AS 1.4.3 is cool, but nothing 1.3.7 is not yet :?: )

Anyway, perhaps I have a copy of these, if you wish… (