printer Desc

I want to print an open quark document but I want my script to use this printer Description. How would I add the Tektronix phaser Printer Description to my script. and then close my document when the save changes to the document dialog box comes up I would want to select no
Example File Print Setup printer Description Tektonix Phaser

tell application “QuarkXPress™”
–Want to select some kind of printer description Here–
Print document 1
close document 1 saving no
end tell

If these are documents you are creating perhaps you could use a template that is saved after printing to retain the print settings? Then use the choose printer command (XCMD Osax) to switch the printer for you.

Here’s the code I use to switch printers, it contains some error trapping and an outlet if the printer cannot be switched.

set printerfound to "False"
set PrinterCheckCount to 0
repeat until printerfound = "True"
		Choose Printer DriverName "LaserWriter 8" PrinterName "Printer Name" Zone "Some Zone" --XCMD Oxax
		set printerfound to "True"
	on error
		set PrinterCheckCount to PrinterCheckCount + 1
		if PrinterCheckCount = 100 then
			--do something here, like email someone or quit the script, the printer could not be switched after a hundred tries
		end if
	end try
end repeat

If these are documents you are receiving from someone else, or you cannot save the print settings ahead of time then you could use the following from the Quack dictionary:

Hope this helps.

Ok I see what you are saying but I do not need to switch printers because it will automatically go to the default printer. I just need a way to change the printer descriptions
something along the line like this
But it gives me an error

tell application "QuarkXPress™" 
tell print setup
set printer description to "Tektronix Phaser"
end tell
Print document 1 
close document 1 saving no 
end tell