printing automagically between OSX and 9.2 across the network

I had an idea this morning, but I’m not sure whether it will work.

I’ve searched the BBS and can’t find a mention of it, but it seemed as if it all should work [from my ignorant point of view at least]

I have a machine running 9.2 with an appletalk printer

I have another machine running 10.4

both are connected via ethernet

What I thought I could do was have a folder action running on the 9.2 machine that took the contents of the folder, printed one copy, then deleted the file

I want to use the drop folder to put PDF files into from the OSX machine

Is this possible? [I understand it’s a bit convoluted, but it might be easier than finding a jetdirect card for the older appletalk printer]

I’m happy enough to cobble the applescript together myself, but it seemed such an obvious idea there should be something pre-existing out there, but google searchs have proved me wrong on this [unless I’m also inept in searching for this solution]

thanks in advance