Printing folder's new content automatically


I seearched the net and this forum but I could not find a solution for this little task:

We are running a network in our flat, including a mac with osx and a pc with windows xp pro. There is definitely now possibilty to share the printer connected to the mac. Thus I thought of creating a folder on the mac and then copying anything to be printed from the pc into it. Then an apple script should print the files automatically without asking.

I am not experienced in apple script at all. Sorry to bother you with a beginner’s question.
Can you help me to get this thing done? It is going on my nerves moving the pc (a laptop) to the printer each and every time there is a printjob to be done and to connect it via usb.

Thank you a lot!

If you are running Mac OS X 10.3 then you can use Folder Actions to trigger a script. The script would then print the document. If you know you’ll always be printing Word documents or something then its fairly simple to just have Word open the file you’ve dropped over. However, if you’re printing a variety of documents then you might want to create a PDF or Postscript file to transfer to the Mac. These can then be printed using the “do shell script” AppleScript command and the shell command “lpr <”. If you’re not running 10.3 things will be a little more tricky.