Printing from Quark 7

Hi all,
I have a script that opens a 2 page Quark doc, populates picture boxes and text blocks with
files and info gleaned from the script, then prints the document.
I can get the documetn to print, however, there are print parameters specific to my printer
that I can’t seem to get at.
What I have here is pretty generic:

tell application "QuarkXPress"
	tell document 1
		tell print setup
			set separation to false
			set printer type to "Splash G640-DocuColor 12"
			set paper size to "Letter LEF"
			set orientation to portrait
			set bleed to ".125"
			set page position to center position
			set print spreads to false
			set reduce or enlarge to "100%"
			set registration marks to centered
			set tiling to off
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

In the print dialog of Quark there is a pull-down menu that selects Printer Styles,
and there is the “Printer…” button that allows access to the specific printer’s features.

How can I access these from my script?
I am using a G5 running OS X 10.4.7
Thang Q,

never mind…I created a hot folder at the print server that contains
the necessary parameters. I can simply let Quark write a postscript file
to that folder and the magic happens.
Thanx, mike