printing to colour printer and separations to black/white printer

Hi there
I have two printers: A is a colour printer, B is a black & white one. I need to print high res documents in both full-colour (on printer A) and in separations (on printer B).
What I do manually is send a print command to printer A, where I print my doc in full colour (a CMYK-print usually).
Then I do the same routine, but I must choose printer B and I need to check the boxes of separations.
Seems to me that there be a way to automate this using script? Before I forget: I usually print from Adobe Acrobat, but also from Indesign or sometimes from Quark. Is this application-dependent?
All help is much appreciated!


Hello elsakippy,

answer yes but you could roll out one script that could prompt you or can make the determination base on the creator / file type

If you search this site i’m sure you will find scripts that do just what you want or at least will get you started.