Problem importing photos into iPhoto

Using Applescript I am trying to create a iPhoto album and then import photos into that new album. This seems straightforward enough but I keep getting an error. Here is my very simple code:

tell application "Finder"
	set import_folder to (folder of the front window)
end tell

tell application "iPhoto"
	set new_album to new album name (name of import_folder)
	import from (import_folder as alias) to new_album
end tell

The album is created OK but when it tries to import songs into the new album I get the follwing error:

If I remove the album clause from the last line the photos import into the main iPhoto library (but not into an album) just fine:

import from (import_folder as alias)

If I change this to import into a named album like this it also works just fine:

import from (import_folder as alias) to album "Test Album"

Just for the heck of it I tried using the name of the album object but that also gave an error:

import from (import_folder as alias) to album (name of new_album)

What am I missing here!?!?!?

Thanks for any help,
Steve C.

That worked!

Thanks very much for the info,
Steve C.