Problem loading items from plist to combo box

I’m developing an application in AppleScript Studio, and I need it to load certain items I grab from a .plist into a combo box. Grabbing the items and such isn’t the problem. The combo box simply refuses to let me put stuff in it. Even if I try it with a test item, I get nothing.

I want this to happen right after launch, so I used the “on activated” handler, but I’ve gotten nothing so far. Anyone have any hints?

EDIT: Oops, forgot to post a code snippet.

on activated theObject
	tell window "mainWindow"
		delete every combo box item of combo box "shareSelector"
		make new combo box item at end of combo box items of combo box "shareSelector" with data "Test"
	end tell
end activated

I tried it in my test app with the code below and didn’t have a problem. Make sure to click the menu’s triangle and open the combo box to see if there is really anything there. The data is there, but the single field is not automatically highlited, so it appears to be empty if you don’t manually look inside. You would have to implicitly set the current combo box item to the field you want highlited to make it show text in the box at rendering time. Make sure also that you’re file’s owner is still linked to the activated application event. If it somehow was unattached, then the app just isn’t getting the request.

on activated theObject
	delete every combo box item of combo box "comboBox" of window "theWindow"
	make new combo box item at the end of combo box items of combo box "comboBox" of window "theWindow" with data "entry..."
end activated

Obviously you need to change the values back to your own, but I left that to you so you could check them again to make sure you were entering them correctly.

Hope this helps…

What exactly do you mean by this?

EDIT: Oh, do I have to bind the combo box to any special handlers in InterfaceBuilder?

Nevermind. I got it. I’m a dumbass. Thanks for your help.