Problem Mounting Server Volumes with Script

Heya all. I’ve been working with AppleScripts on and off for a long while now, but I’ve ran into a situation where I don’t know where to go. I work for a school that has networkable software (ie. accesses data from server shares), but the program doesn’t seem to be capable of opening a network connection on it’s own. So, I created a script which mounted the volume, then launched the application as a fix.

Now comes the problem. Our OS X server has now refused connections to Winows clients, (our Apple rep wants us to upgrade from our OS X Server 10.1 to address this problem) so we were trying to move the server data to our Windows 2003 Server. Appletalk support has been installed, and I can mount/access server shares manually with no problem. (going to Chooser, selecting server, login, select share, etc.) However, when I try and mount a network volume using the old script, Script Editor pops out with either -5060 or -1070 errors.

My network script consists of using the AFP protocol to log in, (ie. afp://user_name:password@server_name/share_name") but even in the browser window, that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Typing in only afp://user_name@server_name/share_name" gives me a prompt where the user is correctly inputed, and I can log in that way. (albeit not automatic) I can even mount the volume using afp://server_name/share_name if the login has already been saved to the keychain…but I’ve had no luck automating these processes.

I first believed it was due to the Microsoft UAM encrypted login, but even when I allow both encrypted logins AND plain text passwords, I can’t log in via scripts. I’m at wit’s end here, and I’ve even created a script to create a keychain entry to log into the server…but my automated keys are lacking SOMETHING (although I filled out every detail, they’re itentical in the get info pages) compared to the manually-made keychain entries. We would love to be able to log in with either Apple or Microsoft encryption, but I can’t even get a login script with clear text passwords to fly with the server.

Anybody else have any luck, or suggestions?

PS. Our clients are using OS 9.2.2, (the AFP protocol calls seem to work in OS X on the server) but running OS X is not possible in our situation, as most of our software here use legacy programs that NEED OS 9.2.2 environments to run.

The scripts that I have made to do this in both OS 9 and OS X work fine on our Unix server. I use the servers numeric address, not the server name in the AFP address.

I’ve tried plugging in both the AppleTalk name and TCP/IP address, both give me one of those error results via the AFP call.