Problem moving a file

Has anyone got this error message before? I’m not sure what is causing it, is something not getting passed to the subroutine?

Here’s my event log, the subroutine is moveBadFile:

tell application “Finder”
get file type of alias “Cumulus:Merion Image Archive:archiveThis:XT010102_IL_clippings”
display dialog “8BPS”
{button returned:“OK”}
moveBadFile(alias “Cumulus:Merion Image Archive:archiveThis:”, alias “Cumulus:Merion_Image_Archive_FMP:”, alias “Cumulus:Merion_Image_Archive_FMP:_errorFiles:”, alias “Cumulus:Merion Image Archive:archiveThis:XT010102_IL_clippings”)
“Finder got an error: Can’t continue moveBadFile.”

(These files have bad file names)
on moveBadFile(theHoldingPath, theArchivePath, theErrorFilePath, thisFilePath)
tell application “Finder”
move thisFilePath to theErrorFilePath with replacing
end tell
end moveBadFile

Use “my” before invoking the handler (eg, “my doit(x,y,z)”)