Problem printing with illustrator


The script generates an error trying to print, an ‘RTUO’ error. Any answers please.

set theLargePaperSize to "A4"
set ThePrintingPrinter to "EPSON Stylus Photo R390"
tell application "Adobe Illustrator"

	set colorOptions to {class:color management options, name:"ColorMatch RGB", profile kind:printer profile} -- intent:saturation
	set flatteningOptions to {class:flattening options, clip complex regions:true}
	set paperoptions to {class:paper options, name:theLargePaperSize}
	set printOptions to {class:print options, color management settings:colorOptions, flattener settings:flatteningOptions, paper settings:paperoptions, print preset:"Quark", printer name:ThePrintingPrinter}
	print document 1 options printOptions
end tell

Model: intel 24" iMac
Browser: Safari 525.20
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)