Problem Registering Image Info

I often see postings here recommending Image Info. Has anyone purchased the full version and had difficulty registering it? I finally convinced my boss to purchase this app for a script that we need and now I can’t get it to take the name and serial number provided. The reply from their support is not working and took two days to get that. This script is already late and I can’t wait two more days for more bad solutions.
I have deleted the original file that I downloaded as a demo and pulled a whole new stuffit archive off the 'net. The support advice was to launch manually and enter the info. That does not work. In the words of Ben Stein’s character in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “Anybody…, Anybody…?”
I originally wanted this app so I didn’t have to wade through the TIFF tags to find resolution of a file but I could have done all of that by now.

I haven’t purchased Image Info so I can’t help with the registration problem but you should take a look at the freeware GraphicsImporter OSAX. It can get the resolution of a TIFF and can do some nifty conversions:


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You know I looked at GraphicsImporter OSAX a while back. I used to use it from time to time in OS 9 but I had problems with those scripts in OSX. It seems to work fine now. Thanks!

Panther also has the built in image events scripting addition that can give you some rudimentary info about images, including the resolution.

you could also install imagemagick in any version of osx and do the whole thing in a shell script.

hth -john

I have been chomping at the bit to upgrade to Panther but horror stories on the web have made me wait. I work in a prepress facility and most of our work is still in OS 9. I often must write scripts for OS9 and I can’t jeopardize that ability.
I think I will try out imagemagick just because I have wanted to do more with shell scripts. What the heck, it looks like I’ll be couped up all weekend by snow anyway.[/i]

Oops, I forgot to thank you. Sorry, I really do appreciate your help.

I can register Paul Berkowitz’s Export-Import Entourage X 1.2.10 either. I am having the same problem.

Also, had similar problems loading Palm destop 4.1.

If you get any resolution of the registration issue, I’d appreciate your letting me know.

Many thanks.