Problem when opening nib on xCode 4.3.1

I have upgraded to xCode 4.3.1 and when I try to open the mainmenu.xib file in my ASOC project I get:

I don’t have a clue about it.

If I open the same project in xCode 4.2.1, it runs fine.


Try opening it in 4.2.1 and changing the nib version, then try again.


Would you be so kind and point me where I have to click to change the nib version?

I have never done this before. I looked under every menu, no clue…


I’m going from memory (I’m on vacation for a week), but I think you select the nib and then use the File Inspector on the right.

Thanks Shane,

Yes, it is in the properties tab, I changed the version, using xCode 4.2.1, but when I open the project in xCode 4.3.1, the version pop buttons are greyed out, the problem persist, check:


Did you find a solution?

Hi Shane,

Thanks for your interest.

But I am afraid I have no solution yet.

My hope it is a bug in xCode that could be solved in the future?

I have seen other people with the same problem searching in Google, but the links are not in English Language…

It might be a problem related to special chars?

If you want to email it to me, I can have a look…

I sent a link to you email… Please check. Please confirm. Thanks!

I can’t see anything wrong. ibtools is happy enough with it, it runs, and it opens fine in Interface 3.2.6. Looks like a bug in Xcode – I suggest you log it as such.

Probably not what you wanted to hear…

Thanks Shane!

Found the solution:

There seems to be a bug in xCode 4.3.1 when you set a sound to a button.

I removed the sound from one of the buttons, and it now works…

Got the same problem one week ago. Not easy to remove the sounds in Source Code.

I removed using xCode 4.2.1