Problem with AppleScript in Filemaker

I have a big problem with my script in AppleScript on Filemaker! I have to create a text file, send it to a raw printer, and finally delete it. Using AppleScript I can tell the Terminal and do the script.
I write this script but doesn’t work… :frowning: any suggestions?

“tell application "Terminal"
do script "echo -e "^XA^FO175,1500^ADR70,45^FD” & Tabella::Nome & “^FS^FO100,1500^ADR70,45^FD” & Tabella::Cognome & “^FS^FO70,2000^BY3^B3R,N,200,Y,N^FD” & Tabella::Id & “^FS^XZ" > ~/desktop/file.txt"
do script "lp -d ZebraHC100 -o raw ~/Desktop/file.txt"
do script "rm -f ~/Desktop/file.txt"
end tell”

where is the error?