problem with "choose file"

I’ve been having problems with the following code in 10.7…

choose file

The problem is that often when the dialog opens the files/folders don’t appear right away and sometimes not at all. It’s an intermittent issue but happens a lot to me. I’m usually in column view in the dialog and if I navigate around it often takes an unusually long time for the files/folders to appear in the dialog. I’ve only ever had this problem on 10.7 and can’t figure out the issue. I’ve been living with it but figured I’d finally ask the question.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas?

I’m not running Lion anymore.

See if this makes any difference…

activate application "Finder"
tell me to activate
tell me to choose file


Browser: Safari
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

I’ve seen similar in 10.7.

No Tom, I still see weirdness. For example, i restarted the computer (to flush out any cache) and ran your code. With the first choose dialog, on the left in the side bar, only one favorite folder was showing. I normally have 4 (home, desktop, applications, and a regular folder). So I cancel the dialog and run again and then it works properly.

Thanks for the confirmation Shane. At least I’m not crazy!