problem with copy finder items action

I have found the “copy finder items” action to be essential, but unfortunately, I’ve been having so many problems lately with the resulting files that I’m afraid to keep using it. For instance, I’ve had high res pdf files end up with lines and other corruption in the resulting files, and files that cannot be opened at all. So far, the issues have been only with PDFs, I should try some other file formats to see if problems also occur with those. Has anyone heard of this or have alternative suggestions?

I don’t know Automator very well, but I seem to recall a Preference in Acrobat that if you “Save As” it can really mess up your PDF, like changing the downsampling, unembedding fonts, etc. Perhaps these prefs carry over into Automator.

I can’t find this pref in my version of Acrobat, but I’d swear I saw it some time ago. It’s under “Saving” or some such. I may be looking in the wrong place…

This may not help much, but good luck!