problem with data source and class constant

I’m getting some Finder window properties and adding them to the data source of a table. Let’s use the value of the “current view” of a Finder window as an example. I get the current view (list view in this case) and add it to a data source. Later when I retrieve that value from the data source I get a real number back instead of “list view”.

What I think is happening is that the class of the Finder value is “constant”, but when I add it to the data source it changes to class “real”. Are there any solutions so that the class won’t change when I add it to the data source?

Just an update:
I found that if I maintain the list of the Finder properties myself (rather than linking them to a data source) that I can write and read that list to disk with no problems using my own read/write handlers. So that’s the solution I’m using.

The main problem with this is that I now have to keep my list of properties synced with the table view, such as when the user changes values in the table or rearranges the columns/rows. If I could use a data source that would be handled for me automatically. Since noone has a solution for my problem it seems I have to maintain the list myself… but at least it’s working now.

BUT, if there is a solution I would like to know it!