problem with message created in Outlook 2011 outbox

The following script works great except for one thing: when the message is sent no sent date is appended to it. Is that weird? Can anyone confirm that for me?

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
	set strSUBJ to "this is the subject"
	set strCONTENT to "this is the body text"
	set theMSG to make new outgoing message in outbox with properties {subject:strSUBJ, content:strCONTENT}
	tell theMSG
		make new to recipient with properties {email address:{name:"Anne Chovie", address:""}}
	end tell
end tell

Outlook will send the message properly and it can then be found in the Sent Items folder but it sorts to the end of the list due to not having any date. There’s a time sent property but it’s r/o. Not sure what to do here…

Can anyone confirm this for me?