Problem with NSreceiverscript error

I’ve got a 1600 line email printing script that occasionally gets an NSreceiver error.

I’ve got the script error trapped 6 ways from Sunday, but can’t find what’s causing this occasional error.

  1. Are these errors able to be trapped as per normal Applescript errors.

  2. Is there any way of dismissing the error, cause it’s hanging the script at present

Googling was a waste of time :frowning: so, it’s to the experts



Hi Santa,

you can trap/ignore every error with a try block

-- do something
on error
-- do something else
end try

to ignore an error, use only try - end try

Can you locate the line(s) in your script where the error occurs and post a portion of code?
But please not the whole masterpiece :wink:

Thanks Stefan

I just wanted to make sure than NS errors are trapped in the usual way.

Very little of my script is not enclosed by try statements, so it obviously boils down to those parts that aren’t.

I’ve already enclosed them after your comments, and await trialing.