Problem with path to me and app on different computers


I have a Applescript Studio App in which I declare a variable like following:

property mac_path : ((path to home folder) as string) & ".test:"

When I build a release and try to run the app on another computer I get problems because it seems xcode evaluates path to home folder in the build and not at runtime.

Anybody knows anything about this?

Other than that I have the default Project Build Settings. But “Alternate Install Owner” and “Install Owner” has the value of my account name. Don’t know what this means, but that’s the only place i can find my account name (path to home folder) in clear text.


never use properties with relative path values.
You’re right: the expression will be evaluated at compile time and is not portable

So i have to declare it as missing value en then i some handler use path to.
Will that work?

Yes, declare it as missing value or empty string and define it in one of the initializing handlers (awake from nib, will finish launching, launched)