Problem with Posix Path

I have a script that repeats thru a list of files from a mounted volume. Their paths are coming in as posix paths. Im trying to repeat thru the list, duplicate the file and then rename it (via a sub routine that is doing a lookup in excel. That script works.)

My problem is that I am getting an error when I go to duplicate the items in the inputs variable

Error I get is

"Can’t make “/Volumes/ACTIVE-A-M/TestJobs/BBW_GangingTest9/TempFiles/13GG21055SLPI-K.pdf” into type item

Any help would be appreciated.

on main(inputs, outputfolder, params)
	tell application "Finder"
		repeat with aitem in inputs --(inputs is a list of posix paths like "/Volumes/ACTIVE-A-M/TestJobs/BBW_GangingTest9/TempFiles/13GG21055SLPI-K.pdf"
			set newFile to duplicate aitem
			set name of newFile to newName -- newName is a variable that is generated from a excel lookup, script is not included he
		end repeat
	end tell
end main

on run
	main(inputs, outputfolder, params)
	return "OK"
end run

Hi petekin74,

Try changing the duplicate line to:

set newFile to duplicate (POSIX file aitem)