Problem with rollover button

my problem is that my rollover button with the following code only works if you save the nib file with the tab with the buttons in it…

heres the code

on mouse entered theObject event theEvent
	if name of theObject is "a guy whos not lazy" then
		set the_rollover_image to "lazyguy"
	end if
	set image of image view "other image" of tab view item "other" of tab view "tabs" of window "main" to load image the_rollover_image
end mouse entered

there’s a seperate image view and a bunch of buttons with different images (hence the if statement, i left out the other ones which were all similar)

any ideas?

I don’t understand your problem.


i have a image view and a set of buttons in a tab…

the problem is that the rollovers don’t work unless you save the nib file with that same tab active, otherwise it does nothing and reports no errors