Problems converting Quark4/OS0 to Quark5/OS X script

I’m a somewhat experienced Applescripter, but a newbie poster on this forum… I’ve been converting a script written for Quark 4.1 running on OS 9 over to Quark 5 running on OS 10.3. I’m using Script Editor 2.0 and AppleScript 1.9.3. I’m stymied by getting values back from the properties of an image in what appears to be the behind-the-scenes apple events code instead of regular percent or degree values. Specifically, I’m trying to set the scale of the image to two variables.

copy (scale of image 1 as list) to {xscale, yscale}

returns the following:

{�data FX% 000043B9�, �data FX% 000047A4�}

instead of

{"28%", "26.5%"}

I’m being driven bonkers by this, and can’t figure out how to coerce the values I’m receiving into percentages. The entire properties of the image come back with several strange values…

{class:image, object reference:image 1 of picture box 1 of document "col-lo-fax.qxd" of application "QuarkXPress�", actual bounds:�data frct0000000000000000011CE94D01B5664C�, angle:�data FX� 00000000�, bounds:{0, 0, 1563, 1077}, color:color spec "Black" of document "col-lo-fax.qxd" of application "QuarkXPress�", contrast:normal contrast, file path:alias "LithoB:LithoBooks:229:229085:Candids:001.tif", file type:TIFF picture, greek pictures:false, image trap:default, image type:gray scale image, invert runaround:false, model:HSB model, name:"", missing:false, modified:false, modification date:date "Friday, February 13, 2004 8:00:17 AM", negative:false, offset:�data FPMS0000000000000000�, scale:�data FP% 000043B9000047A4�, screen:0, screen angle:�data FX� 002D0000�, screen frequency:�data fixd003C0000�, screen function:dot spot, shade:�data FX% 00010000�, show half tone:false, skew:�data FX� 00000000�, subscribed:false, suppress printing:false}

Kirk Chritton

You have to use the coerce command to translate the output into the desired format.

tell application "QuarkXPress™ 4.11"
	set imgAngle to (angle of image 1 of document 1)
	coerce imgAngle to real
end tell

It’s a real pain

HTH -john

Quark seems to have fixed that in version 6, at least in Passport.