Problems creating a bundle

I am having some problems creating a bundle and can’t find any good information on the subject anywhere - nothing detailed anyway. i have a group of flash files - a main executable along with a series of swf support files. I need to make a bundle out of them. I have had moderate success, but it crashes each time I try double-clickign the bundle.

I believe my problems are with the Info.plist but I can’ find any good information about what a proper configuration would be - i.e. what are required key/strings, etc. I’ve looked at tons of examples of them each one completely different with no explanation as to how/why they’re configured how they are.

Any suggestions? I am using the Property List Editor to create it so I know it’s formatted correctly, but that doesn’t help determine what should actually be in it.

To the best of my knowledge, you don’t actually need to modify the plist at all (and, in fact, this could cause errors if done incorrectly). Just save you script as a script or application bundle out of Script Editor and then, in the Finder, Control-Click on the bundle and select “Show Package Contents”. When the bundle opens, navigate to /Contents/Resources/ and copy your files there. You can then access them in your code by using something like the following (this is just a basic example):

set my_path to (path to me) as Unicode text
set resource_path to my_path & "Contents:Resources:"
set all_resources to list folder resource_path without invisibles
set the_resource to (choose from list all_resources) as Unicode text
if the_resource = "false" then return
do shell script "open " & quoted form of POSIX path of (resource_path & the_resource)


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