Problems referencing Classic apps in OS X 10.3.5

I want to get my script to activate and run Quark 5 in classic, because I have a new G5 I no longer have the option to reboot into classic to run my scripts. Some of my scripts did run on my old Mac in OS X 10.1, but wont recognize my classic apps even if they are running on my new G5. javascript:emoticon(‘:cry:’) The help files look like the were written by someone from Redmond (in fact most of Microsoft’s help files are more help), they tell me the obvious but don’t tell me how to achieve it. The AppleScript PDF on the apple website hasn’t been updated since 1999, so doesn’t include any info I don’t already have. None of the other stuff on Apple’s web site was much help either. I do Know I have to tell the script it’s to run a classic application, but can figure out how.

I can’t test this, but may help:

tell application "Finder" to open alias "path:to:Quark 5"

(this will act as a double-click)

Thanks jj,

That got me going in the right direction, although I’m finding several problems with my script running in OS X. What I’m currently using is:

tell application "Finder" to open alias "Macintosh HD:Applications (Mac OS 9):QuarkXPress 5.0:QuarkXPress™"
tell application "Macintosh HD:Applications (Mac OS 9):QuarkXPress 5.0:QuarkXPress™"
	(* replacing 
tell application "QuarkXPress™"
the rest of my code here
end tell

I’m still getting an error when the script goes to save a document, Event Log:

This may be related to an issue I have Saving Quark files in OS X, as I am getting similar error when I try to save Quark 4 documents from Quark 5.