Problems saving out a jpeg and gif with the options of matte

I am trying to save out a pdf with a foreground color. My foreground color is set with:

set foreground color to {class:RGB color, red:249, green:0.0, blue:3.0}

and my options are :

set myOptions to {class:JPEG save options, embed color profile:false, format options:optimized, quality:12, matte:foreground color matte}

And then my saving statement is as follows.

		save current document in file OutFolder as JPEG with options myOptions with copying

In going though the process manually I have to save it as a copy in order to get the matte options. Now it is saving as a copy in the code but it still is not saving that matte option.

My code is working in every aspect except this one. All the options seem to work fine but when it saves the jpeg it doesn’t have the foreground color in it. If someone could please help me with this or give me a direction to go in. I am on OS 10.3.5 with Photoshop 7.

Thank you so much,

Teddy Jones 8)

Well not that anyone took much interest. But I figured it out. I just can’t flatten the document before I save it out if I want the matte option. Thanks anyway. I will remember in the future to always follow through on the opertation manually before I suffer this much again.