problems w/ OSA menu - flickering menubar

Hi all,

after installing OSA menu I discovered that the items in the finder menubar (File, Edit and so on) began to flicker - not all at once, only one at a time, but not always the same one. As far as I could see it happened only while AppleScript Editor was open. Nevertheless, it was pretty irritating.

Have others had the same experience? Is there a remedy? (I had similar problems with Claris Organizer menu item which even made my Mac crash a lot. ) For safetie’s sake I have now disinstalled OSA menu but that is hardly the most elegant solution. Anyone a better idea :?:

BTW: I’m running OS 9.1 on an old iMac (bondi blue, 233 Mhz). [/b]

There is a known issue with OSA Menu in OS 8.6 and 9 with carbon apps. You will have to download this version, it will fix your problems.

Thanks, Dennis,

the new version seems to work just fine!
Best greetings,
Dirk :lol: