Problems w/ shell script

Hey im tryin to write a shell script, but I want it in 2 parts but fits on the same line. What i tried to do was "do shell script “path/to/file/run this file” but the program doesn’t like that because terminal has to be in parent of the program. So then i tried “do shell script “cd path/to/file” do shell script run this file” but it didn’t like that. registered it as 2 separate commands, like it should, but not like i want it. I tried mixing the 2, but it just kept spitting out errors. So my main question is, how do I cd to a directory and then execute a file all in the same line (or some way I can already be in the directory and just execute the file)


You do it in exactly the same way you’d run two commands in a single line in, namely use a semicolon to separate the commands.

do shell script "cd /path/to/dir;./"

Try sticking a return or ; in the middle of the two.

Thanks guys. Worked perfectly. Now the last question, is there a way to run it as bash, not shell, w/o opening up terminal?