Problems With Hyperlink on " Applescript For Absolute Starters "

I just downloaded this eBook ( .PDF ) and began reading tutorial. On page 5, it illiustrates simple lines of code ( i.e. Beep, Beep2, etc. ). When I click any of the blue highlighted words I am not seeing any lines of code nor am I seeing any results or executions. I’m running OS X 4.6. I realize this eBook was published some time ago. What am I doing wrong.


Model: PowerBook G4 12"
AppleScript: Script Editor 2.1.1
Browser: Safari 417.9.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


I don’t know, but I’m going to take a look at it and get back to you.

OK, I see the problem. In this book, he’s using keyword highlighting to show you the scripts as they would appear in your script editor. But the blue words are not hyperlinked. Because of the web we’ve all come to expect blue words to be hyperlinks.

In the AppleScript editor, blue words are keywords (unless you’ve changed the defaults for your editor). So the document isn’t designed to open a script or to hyperlink to a web page or another spot in the book. He’s just showing you keywords in blue.

Make sense?

I suppose Kevin. Thanks for looking into it. So far, the author hasn’t done a very good job of communicating "For Absolute Starters ". I have downloaded Script Editor and don’t understand the first thing about what to enter in the code line field.

But… I’ll read on and attempt to begin learning this stuff.

Do you have any recommendations for an eager person with absolutely zero experience in code wrighting ?


Yes, as I know a couple of good books (get 'em from the library if you are on the cheap like I am):

Danny Goodman’s “Applescript Handbook” - Goodman has an easy writing style and isn’t hard to follow. He’s written several books on Javascript, Applescript, etc. and they’re all good.

Adam Goldstein’s “Applescript: the Missing Manual” is also excellent (just finished reading it, as a matter of fact). Adam was 17 when he wrote it last year and he’s got a dry wit and easy style that make things very clear. Plus he covers most of the applications we use a lot (Mail, iChat, Finder, etc.).

And of course, the articles and forums here. When you get stuck or something isn’t working, post here in the appropriate section and (I’ve found) you’ll get help within about 24 hrs. Really.

Apple’s documentation for Applescript is more complicated than the language itself. It’s like reading a calculus book. It’s always been that way, I don’t know why they don’t make a better effort to clean up and clear up their info on AS.

Good luck and holler back if you need help! :slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin. I downloaded Danny Goodman’s Applescript Hanbook eBook. Will dive in ( and probably get back with you when it seems I’m running out of air ).