Problems with Notification Center

I wrote a script (saved as an app) a long time ago that will take files from a specified folder and sort them into dated folders on another drive based on file extension. I use it to sort files from my camera into a Movies folder and a Photos folder by date. It works great, but I decided I wanted to update it by using the Notification Center in 10.9 and up instead of the Display Dialog command I originally wrote.

I’m using the following line:

display notification ((count of FileList) as string) & " files were transferred." sound name "Glass" with title "Camera Transfer App"

When running the script from Applescript Editor, the notifications work perfectly. But when I save and run from the app, I get no notifications. Any ideas on how to make the notifications appear once it’s out of the editor?

Running on 10.9.4

Never mind… resaving as a new app instead of editing the script of the existing app fixed the problem.