problems with sending click events

I am trying to automate some software that uses tabs at the top. its not a carbon app. i was using the prefab UI browser to determine the names of gui elements and such. the problem is there are tabs at the top and when I send a click event to them, it doesn’t change the tab in the program, it just makes everything invisable.
if I click on them with the mouse it works fine.
I have tried clicking by location, minimizing and maximizing to try to get it to refresh but that doesn’t work.
does anyone know a work around?

or does anyone know the api to simulate mouse clicks. i couldn’t find it in the apple developer website. I might be able to throw together a small app to do it for me.

If you’re sending an application a click, first make sure that it is the active application. If you send it a cllick, and its not the foremost app, then it won’t work correctly. There is a faceless application call “Extra Suites” that allows you to click by coordinates.