Program to store notes

I’m trying to put together a program that stores notes, and little snippets of text. So, I created a table that will display each of the notes’ names and numbers. So, how can I add an entry to the table, and set the contents of the row, under each column. Also, can I add something like an “on clicked�” handler to every item in the list?

I think this depends on whether or not you are using an applescript data source or not. Either way, I can offer 2 bits of advice.

1.) Check out the “Table” and “Table Sort” examples that should be in the Developer folder of applescript studio.

2.) If your are using XCode, try the Help ->show documentation.
or try the new online Developer reference

I know this isn’t the easy answer, but I found working with Tables a little troublesome at first, and even after cannablizing examples I didn’t fully understand it. Take a little time to absorb it, and it will make your project go much smoother.