Progress bar during "tell" to separate application

Is it not possible for an applescript status sheet’s progress bar to update itself while waiting for an extermal tell to an app to finish and release control back to the AS Studio app?

I have a window that allows you to click on a table item and send that data to another app.

after you click on it, I open a status sheet attached to that window. The satus sheet has a progress bar that I activate as such:

tell window "Status"
		set indeterminate of progress indicator "StatusProgress" to true
		tell progress indicator "StatusProgress" to start
		set contents of text field "StatusText" to statusMessage
	end tell
	display panel window "Status" attached to window theWindow

then i issue a “tell” to another app to process the query (package tracking)

the progress bar does not update after the other app begins tracking

Why …and how can i fix it?




		set uses threaded animation of progress indicator "StatusProgress" to true

:frowning: sorry folks… this works perfectly.