Progress dialog box

Hi all

I am very experienced in writing programs in Applesoft BASIC, but still have problems with simple things in Applescript. What I would like to do is display a box that shows progress of a long action, without the buttons that “display dialog” forces. It would be something like this:

10 X=10000
20 FOR I = 1 TO X
40 PRINT "DOING "; I; " OF "; X

Certainly I can use

Display dialog I & " of " & X

and get something like it, but I don’t want a user action; I just want it to display progress.

What does Applescript offer that does something like that?

If you’re under Snow Leopard, AppleScript Studio (clicky for tutorials)


The easy way for you to do that accepting its limitations, is this script from jonn8

It does what you want, but maybe not exactly how you want it done, but you can start with this and use it while finding an applescript studio app / AsObjC app that does it for you.
I’ll use this.

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Looks like a good solution! Thank you!