Projct description and solicit comments

I’m new at XCode and don’t have a question yet. I thought I’d describe my project and ask for your comments.

I have a rather large (20 pages) and long-running (4 minutes) Applescript application that I run daily. It updates a website by calling other applications such as iCal, Fetch and Text Wrangler. Each time I run it, I double-click to open it in ScriptEditor, click the Run button, monitor the log events, then command-Q quit it.

It works fine. I am converting it to run under XCode/AppleScriptObjC so that I can take advantage of some Cocoa features such as a more direct access to the Calendar Store.

I plan to run the long-running program inside the “on applicationWillFinishLaunching_(aNotification)” handler. It will post its logs into the Debugger console window and execute an AppleScript “quit” command when it’s done. The log output will persist in the Debugger window for my review after the application has quit.

Bits of this are already working and I am making progress. Finding example code and explanations on this board have been a big help.

Do you see any pitfalls for this plan, or a better way to do this?


Sounds like a big project! :slight_smile:
I think it is entirely possible within Xcode with relatively easy to medium knowledge, maybe except for the calendar part, but I think it was well covered here.

Instead of outputting the result to the console, why not outputting a log in your own text view or better yet, a table view? Entries could be searched easily and reordered, with dates and everything else that can be usefull.

It seems like information resulting from this operation is an important part for you, so why not improve your experience? :wink:

A good reference book is Shane Stanley’s AppleScriptObjC explored. There is more than enough in there to make this project work. I know it helped me a lot and I still have a look at it from time to time!

Have fun!

Browser: Safari 531.22.7
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Thanks for the encouragement, leonsimard.

I like the idea of a TableView and using the window to maybe correct some blunders while it’s running. Maybe that’ll be an enhancement once I get it working.

Thanks also for the book recommendation. Sounds like just what I need.