Project builder debugger

First time caller, long time listener.
I have been having troubles getting the debugger to debug. It only has the pause key clickable. Target is selected, but the debugger choice that is shown here,
is not in my window. Any ideas?

It is important to note that debugging doesn’t work well in AStudio, if at all. I suppose I’m not offering much in the way of a solution here, but this is a known issue which has been well documented on the AppleScript Studio list for some time. I’d hate to see someone butting thier head on this. Hopefully it’ll get fixed in Panther (10.3)

Not sure if everyone knows how to debug line by line in Studio.

  1. In your applescript you can set breakpoints on the lines of code you want to check in your applescript. Just click on the column to the left of the applescript to set a breakpoint. You can also do an option+command+B to view your breakpoints.

  2. Do not set breakpoints on code that you know is already working properly. Example would be if you want to just check the launched and quit sections of the app. The debugger will go through all the rest of the code normally untill it hits a breakpoint.

  3. Then run debug.

  4. Next your debug window will pop-up and then this will allow you to hit play for each line of applescript code, you must keep hitting the play button to go to the next line of code. If there is no breakpoint on the next line of code the script will run through it until it hits a breakpoint or finishes running the script.

I’m sure you all know how to do this if not i hope it is helpful to you.