so, i upgraded to snow leopard, ran my in-progress applescript studio project and all’s well. but i decided to see if they’d fixed some of the developer/examples, and found that each and every one gives me a similar message:

i’ve only been playing with xcode for a couple of months, but have never encountered this message. if i try a back-up copy of the older developer/examples/ for applescript, they still work (mostly) as before.

so the question is, what is a .pbxproj file, and why don’t the new examples have have them, or now need them?



Model: iMac
AppleScript: AS S v 3.2
Browser: Safari 531.9
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

anyone home?

it’s been a month since posting the above, and i’m back to find no answers.

another strange thing i’ve just encountered after a month away is that when i open an xcode project, i get an interface builder that has no applescript tab in the inspector. what am i missing here? i’d be happy to find i’m a dummy and just missed the obvious, so please, let me know?

before snow leopard, it all worked fine. after snow leopard, i get the above message running -any- developer example, and when running my own projects (which still run fine) i can’t modify the applescript ID’s or links without the missing tab in interface builder.

any ideas?



xcode=3.2 IB=3.2 snow leopard=10.6.1



on doing some digging, i’ve found that applescript studio has beed “depreciated” in snow leopard. you’re supposed to migrate to applescriptobjC:

“AppleScriptObjC obsoletes AppleScript Studio, which is deprecated as of Mac OS X v10.6. Developers using AppleScript Studio should migrate to AppleScriptObjC, and should start new projects using AppleScriptObjC exclusively. AppleScript Studio development is still supported, but functions for creating new projects have been removed, and the AppleScript Studio palette in Interface Builder has been hidden. To re-enable it, use this command in Terminal, and then re-launch Interface Builder:”

defaults write com.apple.InterfaceBuilder3 IBEnableAppleScriptStudioSupport -bool YES

you’d think the xcode interface or IB would make some simple mention of that. what a pain.