project version number > how to change??

Hi guys,

just opened up an old project the I built in “AppleScript Studio” a few years ago and made some changes. I cannnot for the the life of me remember how to change the version number of my project - I found it in the info.plist file but isn’t it somewhere else too? I seem to remember seeing it in the info/inspecor window but I can’t find it anymore :frowning:

I am using X-tools on a MacBook Pro.

thanks for any help,


Model: MacBook Pro 2.0, 1.5GB
Browser: Safari 417.8
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Choose ‘Edit Active Target “Your Target”’ under the Project menu; Choose the properties tab, and find the Version field (this sets CFBundleVersion in the Info.plist file).

See also: Property List Key Reference (for Info.plist)

thanks mate!!!


Version: CFBundleShortVersionString
Build: CFBundleVersion