Proof of alphanumeric listing of "list folder"

I have a script that works just fine on a NFS mount, when listing a folder of items.
They list properly 1,2,3 or A, B, C as intended by what every it is that lists them by name. The mount recently changed to a CIFS/SMB file server. Now I am getting a weird return on my list. 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 1, 3 etc…
My script is not broken, it does what it has always done, except that the items are not being interated alphanumerically.
:?: Where is it documented that “System Events” or Finder will list a folder using the “list folder” returns a list alphanumerically.

set sourceFolder to alias "path:to:folder:"
set these_items to list folder sourceFolder without invisibles
repeat with aItem in these_items
	set aItem to aItem as string
	set path2File to sourceFolder & aItem as string
	set alias2File to path2File as alias
	set infoRec to info for alias2File
	set infoRecList to infoRec
	display dialog infoRecList as text
end repeat

It isn’t and never has been. Relying on the order is inherently dangerous, as you’ve found.

The issue is that it’s the OS (or, more specifically, the file system) that dictates the order files are returned. HFS/HFS+ normally returns alphabetical, but others may return creation date-based or even modification date-based.

In short if you want to guarantee the list will be alphabetical you need to sort it yourself.

This is what we are seeing. Both on the mac listings and the listing for the M$ apps that are involved in your workflow. Thanks.