Properties of Audio Files

Just on a proof-of-concept basis, I wrote a shortcut that displays a dialog with the name and duration of all audio files selected in a Finder window, plus the sum total of the individual durations. This shortcut works with drives that are not indexed and is easily modified to show 21 additional properties. The shell command was from here.

It should be noted that there is occasionally a small discrepancy between the duration of an audio file as shown by the Finder and by the Shortcuts app’s Get Details of Music action. I don’t know the reason for this. It should also be noted that the sum total of the individual durations may not exactly equal the total duration figure. This appears to be a result of rounding. In both instances, the discrepancy is typically one or two seconds.

The following screenshot only shows a portion of the shortcut.

Audio Properties.shortcut (23.7 KB)