Pulling data from applescript records

Is there a way to pull multiple items of data from a applescript record?

For instance if I want to pull all of the items of a record that have a matching value, is there something similar to this that would work all at once, without looping through the entire record?

set yoyo to {{foo:"1", bar:"A"}, {foo:"1", bar:"B"}, {foo:"2", bar:"C"}}

set allFoos to every item of yoyo whose foo is "1"

I know this could be done by looping through each item an trying to match, and adding that to the new variable, but that could take a long time if there are a lot of items. Is something like the syntax I have above possible?


the whose filter works only with elements of an application like file or folder of the Finder or track of iTunes, but never with custom lists or records

Thanks. At least now I know to stop looking!