Putting image in AS Studio app window?

Hi all…
I am creating my first application in AppleScript Studio, and I’d like to put a logo or picture into a corner of the application window. Is this possible?

Of course… anything is possible. 8)

First, in your very favorite image editor, create the image you want to display. If you want the window background to show through, I recommend a png, tif, or gif image with a transparent background. In your project in xcode, select “Project > Add to Project”, and navigate to your image. Choose it, and when the second panel pops up, make sure to check the box at top (“Copy items to destination groups folder if needed”). This will add it to the project, and will copy it into the build of the app when you next build and run it. Then, in interface builder, drag an image view from the ‘Cocoa-Controls’ panel (the one with the picture of the mountain in it) to your window. Click on the “images” tab in the main nib window, and find your image. Drag it into your image view and position as desired. You can adjust a handful of attributes for the image view in the attributes pane, and it’s size to fit your image in the size pane.

Hope that helps,

This is perfect! Exactly what I needed to know! Thanks so much!