Putting live terminal output into text view


I use this code to burn images onto DVD with applescript:

do shell script “hdiutil burn myimage.iso”

I have a question. Would it be possible to take the log outputed by hdiutil during the burning process and put it into a live updating text view that updates whenever hdiutil outputs a new message?


I never tried it with a text window. I use console for it.

do shell script "rm -f /tmp/hdiutil.log"
end try
do shell script "touch /tmp/hdiutil.log"
do shell script "open /Applications/Utilities/Console.app /tmp/hdiutil.log"
do shell script "hdiutil burn myimage.iso | tee /tmp/hdiutil.log"

Output is constantly send to the log file. which is constantly read and displayed by Console.app. This is sufficient for me.

You can manually close the console.app or do a

tell application Console.app
end tell