QT7 export to uncompressed AVI script w/ hot folder

Hello folks,

I am in a bit of a quandary here. I have a Mac Mini here with Snow Leopard and QT7 Pro. I would like to setup a watch/hot/drop folder on it so when I dump .mov movies in it I will use QT7Pro to convert them to uncompressed AVI files.

I know I can use automator for part of the trick but I think I need an Apple script to really finish it off. Any suggestions/comments/hints as to how to get this done.

It’s either that or spent $800 on Squeeze wich will do exactly what I want to do.

What have you tried so far? I mean, what you suggest is entirely possible, but it’s hit or miss if someone else would write it for you or post large blocks of code.
Your idea is easy. Make a script that is a folder action. Attach to your hot folder. Have the action tell QT to open the dropped in file. Tell QT to export file as avi (the settings or syntax of setting an export preset might be tricky or ugly). Do something with the old file (?).

So far I have been searching the internets to see if someone already made something similar to this. And I have found some stuff but not exactly what I want. I know this sounds vague but part of the problem is that I am not too familiar with Applescript.

I will go as far and say I will donate to anybody that can solve this for me. I have all the pieces of the puzzle except for the Apple script.