Quark 2015 - modified picture in picture usage

We have a workflow system in which we download a Quark document from a server to a local Mac and set the image of a picture box to a certain path. In Quark 2015, picture usage is showing the status of the picture as modified because when we set the image path the modification date is not being updated. In Quark 7, when we set the path, the modified date of the picture is updated automatically. Below is the gist of the script. Anyone have any ideas how to get the modified date to update automatically in Q2015? Of course, the users can just update picture usage manually but this isn’t practical in our workflow. Thank you in advance for any help!

tell application “QuarkXPress”

tell document 1
	tell picture box 1
		set ThePath to "MacHD:Workflow:filename.eps" 
		set ThePath to ThePath as alias
		set image 1 to ThePath
	end tell
end tell

end tell

Hi! Don’t know if this would fix your issue, but I would set the variable outside of (before) the tell app block.
This said, is the picture the right one after the script has run? I mean is there only the date issuing? How do you get the image file on the local Mac? Isn’t it the step causing the date update? Couldn’t you first gather for output all the elements and then download the folder to the local Mac so that the links are OK in Quark?

I apologize. In the actual script we are setting the path outside of the tell app. The file is downloaded with a C app. The date issue is the only issue we have. We may have found a solution though. We are in the process of implementing. We are using this: “tell front document to set auto picture import to auto import on” That seems to update the picture correctly. Thank you for your reply!